Dog & Cat Licenses & Registration

All Dog Owners are required to purchase an annual dog/cat tag for each dog/cat (Maximum of 2 dogs/cats per household).

Annual Fees:

  • Before January 31 of each year:
    • $15.00 - Spayed/Neutered
    • $25.00 - Non-spayed/Neutered
  • After January 31 of each year:
    • Fees double -
        • $30.00 for Spayed/Neutered
        • $50.00 for Non-Spayed/Neutered


All dogs/cats must be confined to your own yard or on a leash.

Klassic Kennels patrols the Village on a random basis and any dogs/cats found running at large will be picked up by Klassic Kennels and the owner will receive a fine.


Cat Offences & Penalties

Dog Offences & Penalties

2017 Notice To All Dog Owners

2017 Notice To All Cat Owners

2017 Dog  License & Registration Form

2017 Cat License & Registration Form